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ESD Systems improve the conductivity of your floors
ESD Color Systems repair visible damages of your floor
ESD Systems make your floors easier to maintain
Dr. Schutz ESD Systems are more economic and faster to
install than a new floor
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Since 2011 we are constantly re-coating our factory ESD epoxy floors with Dr. Schutz ESD Color System. We appreciate the quality and wear and tear resistance of our new floors and the possibility that we can renew our ESD floors in a cost effective manner without stopping production in our plant. Thanks to the Dr. Schutz ESD finish systems, daily cleaning has become easier and more budget friendly.
  András Varga
  Facility Project Manager Eastern Europe
The advantages at a glance
•    Deep scratch marks are visible
•    Marking tape residues are difficult to remove
•    The surface looks dull and discolored
•    Even regular daily cleaning does not remove dirt
•    The surface has lost its ESD properties
•    Scratches are no longer visible
•    The surface has regained its shine and color
•    The floor is easy to maintain
•    The ESD properties of the floor are in accordance with
      DIN EN 61340-5-1
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