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Dr. Schutz – global leader in innovative floor care

Established in 1955, Dr. Schutz is now enjoying its second generation of private ownership under the management of the Schutz family. The enterprise has always seen itself as a partner to flooring and refurbishing specialists. Incorporating high-quality renovating and care agents, Dr. Schutz products are making a significant contribution to the fact that different floor coverings including PVC, linoleum, carpeting, laminate and wood are able to maintain their value over a long period of time.
In addition to manufacturing and marketing its floor care range, Dr. Schutz sees its main task in the development and advancement of its products in collaboration with floor manufacturers and recognised research and test institutes. This accounts for the high quality standard of the products and the company's corresponding advantage over its competitors with regard to innovation. Dr. Schutz-branded products have always served to maintain the value of floor coverings and are now recommended by leading floor manufacturers around the world.

At the same time, Dr. Schutz also take environmental protection very seriously. Environmentally compatible raw materials form the basis for production. Dr. Schutz was the first manufacturer of maintenance and renovation products to be awarded the European Union's Ecological Audit Certificate way back in 1996 for the company's location at that time in Bad Pyrmont.

With its move in 2000 to its new production premises in Hessisch Oldendorf / Lower Saxony, the Bonn-based enterprise prepared itself for further global growth as well as to meet future market opportunities.

The new factory incorporates both the production plant and the research and development department in addition to the application technology facilities. It is from here that all Dr. Schutz locations around the world receive their entire product assortment.
In 2001, the company’s headquarters moved to a new location within the city of Bonn. It is here that the company also established its brand new training academy. Specialist seminars are held within modern facilities to bring the latest in floor care know-how to specific target groups. The company's team of international field sales advisors provides intensive assistance for Dr. Schutz dealerships and professionals around the world, as well as competent support for its customers.

Since 2002 the latest focus has been on permanent sealers for all hard floors. Starting initially with a full range of wood floor lacquers and oils, this was extended to resilient floors in 2003, when the first Dr. Schutz PU Sealer was launched in the market.
Since then, more than 10 million m² worldwide have been protected and refurbished using a product of the Dr. Schutz PU assortment. In this way Dr. Schutz established itself as global market and innovation leader in the field of permanent floor finishes and their aftercare.
In 2007 a further new concept was launched aiming at the restoration and creative redesigning of resilient and industrial floors. PU Design (as the product family is called) consists of an unlimited range of coloured floor finishes, chips and other decorative elements that can be used on all hard floors. Ever since its introduction, more than 2000 selected professionals have been trained and certificated in over 50 countries, thereby creating a global specialist network, which can provide commercial and residential end users with the same accredited service worldwide.
Looking towards the future, the company’s goal is to further develop its service, innovation and creative product assortment to provide its partners with the latest in floor care optimisation.
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