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Dr. Schutz products, ESD PU Systems and ESD PU Color Systems have been tested and measured by ESD certification institutes like God-Min Hungary and eph Germany. After rigorous tests made by these institutes in various humidity and temperature conditions certifications and measurement results were issued.

ESD Floor Cleaner

Measurement report for ESD PU Systems and ESD PU Color Systems


Cleaning concentrate especially developed for usage on ESD floors. Suitable for intensive cleaning as well as for (daily) routine cleaning. Recommended for all kinds of ESD flooring made of PVC, Linoleum or epoxy resin before and after protection with Dr. Schutz ESD PU Systems. Excellent dirt-binding properties, even in case of fatty deposits.

Preserves the conductive properties of ESD flooring. Does not have any negative impact to the surface even if used at low dilution.
Does not leave any residue or protective film on the floor and therefore does not cause greying (development of grey filming).

The usage of this product fastens the evaporation of water from the ESD surface.

Dilution ratio
1:200 Daily Cleaning with mop
1:400 Daily Cleaning with automatic cleaning appliance

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