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The problem

Due to heavy traffic, dust micro particles enter and attach themselves to the floor surface pores forming a non-conductive barrier. Even with daily cleaning, the dust film cannot be removed from the floor. Meanwhile deep cleaning with aggressive strippers destroy the floor over time. Due to dust accumulation, the surface also loses its shine and original look. Scratch marks become visible, marking tape residues cannot be removed and the floor’s conductive properties start to fail.

The solution? ESD Transparent System!

Dr. Schutz trained professionals will clean the floor, remove all dirt, marks and other build up and install ESD Transparent System on the clean floor. The floor will regain its original look and will now be easy to maintain. It will be capable of handling all kinds of traffic and it will fulfill the requirements of the ESD norms DIN EN 61340-5-1 as well as the requirements for explosion prevention areas according to TRBS 2153.

The ESD Transparent System is suitable for PVC floors, epoxy resin floors and rubber floors.

The solution? ESD Color System!

Dr. Schutz trained professionals will fill the cracks, deal with problematic dilatations and missing molding lines, deep clean the floor and install ESD Color System in 2 coats and one clear coat, to ensure the best wear and tear resistance along with excellent conductivity properties.
This system can change the color of your ESD floor, it can also give back its new “factory” look, while also fulfilling all ESD requirements.
Cleaning of the restored ESD floor will be easier and more cost efficient. Daily maintenance should be carried out with Dr. Schutz ESD Floor Cleaner.

ESD Transparent Color System is suitable for PVC floors, epoxy resin floors and rubber floors



Daily maintenance of your ESD Floors

To preserve the conductive properties and the original look of your ESD floor, we recommend daily cleaning with ESD Floor Cleaner. It has been especially developed for usage on ESD floors and it is suitable for intensive cleaning as well. Recommended for all kinds of ESD flooring made of PVC, Epoxy or rubber, before and after protection with Dr. Schutz ESD Systems. It preserves the conductive properties of the ESD flooring. Due to its shorter drying time, the use of this product will lead to faster evaporation of water from the ESD surface.
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